When excellent delivery matters....

MOOC Global Shipping Limited

Mission Statement

Our goal at MOOC Global Shipping Ltd is to deliver outstanding shipping and logistics solutions that help companies succeed in a worldwide market. We are dedicated to providing dependable, effective, and long-lasting services that surpass client expectations and produce lasting value. We want to be the go-to partner for companies looking for cutting-edge, specialized shipping and logistics solutions by utilizing our knowledge, our extensive worldwide network, and cutting-edge technology.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to lead the world in shipping and logistics services by providing outstanding client success, operational excellence, and sustainable business practices. By consistently embracing innovation, cultivating solid alliances, and providing dependable solutions that maximize supply chain efficiency, we aim to set industry standards. Our goal is to define the future of shipping and logistics through our global presence and dedication to environmental and social responsibility, positively affecting the communities we serve as well as the rest of the globe

Our Core Values


We aim for excellence in everything we do to provide exceptional customer service and efficient operations.


Encouraging trust with our customers, business partners, and workers by conducting our affairs honestly, transparently, and ethically


Adopting a culture of ongoing development and investing in cutting-edge technology to improve our services and maintain a competitive edge


Including social and environmental responsibility in all aspects of our business operations, reducing our carbon footprint, and giving back to the communities we serve.


Establishing solid relationships with customers, suppliers, and industry stakeholders, and encouraging a teamwork mentality to achieve success that is shared by all.